Updates on the China Radio International QSL Card situation

You probably are unaware but CRI Japan has had a major change up in their QSL card policies. CRI Japan issue QSL cards for broadcasts in English which is why I’m mentioning this!

The new policies now state that a postal reception report will be answered by a postal QSL card and an email reception report will be answered by an e-QSL.

I have run the message through Google translate then taken that and made my interpretation of the announcement as below. I am quite confident in its accuracy and have used my Japanese knowlage to iron out any wrong translations:

Dear listeners,

Thank you for always listening to CRI’s Japanese broadcasts.
Due to organizational reform in our department, the mailing of postal correspondence for listeners, including the QSL confirmation card, is delayed considerably compared with last year, and we have received many inquiries and concerns from listeners. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Currently, the changes have reached the final stage, and various reply and mail operations are being resumed. It will still take time to return to our normal pace, but we will strive to provide a good service to all of you.

In relation to this, is an update about the shipment of the reception confirmation card (QSL Verification Card). The policy is different from before meaning from this year there will be 12 different cards, 1 card per month. The design will not be a series throughout the year; we will create a different theme design each month based on the themes that attract attention in China and landscapes that symbolize the seasons.
After having your reception report verified, we hope that it these cards will be useful for enhancing your understanding of China.
Also, from this year on, we will only ship electronic receipt confirmation cards (eQSL) for e-mail reception reports, and paper receipt confirmation cards (QSL cards) for letter reception reports. We appreciate your understanding on this.

From now on, if you have any comments or comments about our programs, the website, letter responses etc., please feel free to tell us anytime.

Thank you,

The Chinese department of China Radio International

9 comments on “Updates on the China Radio International QSL Card situation

  1. Santiago

    Thank you! I use a Tecsun PL-880 with an inverted-V dipole and pick up a lot of stations. I built up a webpage that fetches propagation forecasts for my area and adds reception report links in case i want to send one. I congratulate you for your blog, i already subscribed to the RSS feed.

    1. Steve

      What is the difference between CRI broadcasting in English and CRI Japanese Service broadcasting in English? Are the separate entities? Why does the Japanese service broadcast in English when CRI broadcasts in English. I may be misunderstanding the difference between CRI and CRI Japan??

      1. The Girl with the Radio Post author

        Hi Steve,

        CRI seems to have each language service being it’s own entity, which kind of makes sense; you need different staff who speak those languages!
        CRI Japanese service will verify any report for any of the other CRI services and, since CRI English is very rare to get a QSL from, quite a few people use CRI Japanese to get their reports for CRI English!

        I hope that clears it up a bit and makes sense?
        All the best, 73s,

  2. GoldenShark

    Hey! Just wondering, what is the address to send the letter reception report by postal mail? Can’t seem to find it anywhere, not even their website…

    Great Blog BTW! 73’s!!


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