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Hi, it seems you’ve found my site!

I guess I should say why this site exists; I’m a young (20s) Radio enthusiast who loves DXing and getting QSL cards. I will DX in any broadcast band: FM, LW, MW or SW!

This blog will mainly cover QSL cards and news related to QSL cards. There will be secondary focusses on SDRs, Radios, rare DXing and some FM/MW and LW DXing!

My YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCJtQayB1Zh0ARlzwp96ukg/

Some shout-outs to some amazing sites I visit a lot to get news and more:

SWLing: https://swling.com/blog/

Mediumwave Info: https://mediumwave.info/news.html

South East Asia DXing (a massive inspiration for this site): http://shortwavedxer.blogspot.co.uk/

DXinfocentre (FM Tropospheric Propagation forecasts): http://www.dxinfocentre.com/tropo.html

Short Wave Info (my go-to directory for SW broadcasts): https://short-wave.info/

And that concludes my about page! All that is left is to welcome you to my blog!

10 comments on “About this site

    1. The Girl with the Radio Post author

      Hi Jose!
      I’m from the UK! Sadly I haven’t been able to find your Twitter! I wonder if perhaps it might have been mistyped?
      Wishing you all the best from the UK!

    1. The Girl with the Radio Post author

      Thank you for the warm welcome Chrissy, I’m honoured to be here!
      It’s really nice to see other women also in this field!
      Wishing you all the best!

  1. Santiago

    Hi, great blog, I’m into SWL too and it is awesome, I’m more far away of most international broadcasts but i can pick up nice stuff. I share my posts usually in english in my profile in https://social.undernet.uy/santiago, photos and shortwave reception clips. I use a Tecsun PL-880 at home with a dipole external antenna, and an Eton Mini Grundig Edition when i’m on the move. What equipment do you use?
    Best regards!

    1. The Girl with the Radio Post author

      Hi Santiago!
      I will be checking out your posts straght after I send this!

      I usually use an Eton G3 with 18m of copper wire. If I am using my SDR I’ll be using the same 18m of copper wire but instead of the Eton G3 I’ll be using an RTL-SDR that has had the direct sampling modification done.

      I must ask, how do you find the Eton Mini? I’ve been thinking about getting another Eton after my great experience with my current one!

      Thank you for stopping by and I wish you all the best,

      1. Santiago

        Well, i find it a must have if you are on the move. I will shoot a video in benchmark with the PT-880 and send you the link. Maybe next weekend. I’m also a MW guy so the Eton Mini gives me what today smartphones cannot deliver. It has very minimal controls but it is super thin and it sounds great with the headphones. I probably will buy a second one, just to have one in case it vanishes from the e-shops. I have AAA NiMH Varta rechargeables 800 mAh, that last for a week each pair. I charge them with an external charger one pair at the time and it is great. Display is great, controls are fine, it scans fast. The antenna is rather short, but it picks up quite a lot on SW. It has bands for 49, 41, 31, 25, 19 and 16m separated in two bands SW1 (evening bands 49, 41, 31m) and SW2 (daytime bands 25, 19, 16m) which is very convenient. I made a little fake leather pouch, because it is so tiny and thin that you may drop it out of a pocket by accident and it is not a rugged radio by any means. It has an AGC that enhances a bit the weak signals after a few seconds. I’ll keep you posted! Cheers!

        1. Santiago

          Oops, i mean PL-880. There are some folks sharing radio DX experiences too in mastodon, which is a free and open source social network. There is one instance for radio enthusiasts, mastodon.radio, i have many contacts there, would be great to see you around! Finally, about the Eton Mini, check out this excellent reviews. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPeeJrmCkz8, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k363cV85SVM, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5oFoQKxhFls and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xm0E734Xac0. I mostly use it for MW listening but it is great to have SW bands just in case of good propagation, but it is not a DX radio for sure. You wont regret it. Cheers!

  2. Ivan

    Congratulations! Nice to find someone so young DXing too. Started when I was 16 y/o and all I can say is that this hobby can be wonderful if you take some time to learn, write to radio stations and listen to the radio, of course.

    If interested, my Youtube channel is youtube.com/regionaldx. You will find there a lot of eSkip and tropo catches made here in Brazil. I will subscribe to your channel later, then please do it if you find my content good enough.

    73 and best wishes!


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